♥ How do I get the clothes to you

If you live nearby, you are more then welcome to drop the clothes off to us at our premises.  

Most of our customers are from other parts of the country and will happily post their clothes to us.

We recommend packaging your clothes in either a heavy duty plastic mailing bag, or in a strong box with a plastic lining just in case it gets wet during transit.. 

We will of course send you full instructions of what to do within our brochure when you place an order with us and we will also include a parcel bag for you to use too. 

We cannot take responsibility for the clothes until they arrive with us, so we do recommend that you send them Recorded or Special Delivery, but that is of course up to you. 

We will email you when we have received the clothes, just so you know they have been delivered to us safely.


♥ How it works

1) Order your Fabric Keepsake and any additional extras you would like included with your order.

2) Once payment has been received, we will email you confirmation of your order details and post you our brochure containing lots of useful information prior to you sending us your freshly laundered clothing.  If any additional extras were ordered such as an Ink-less Imprint Kit, we will also confirm these details with you and post the kit to you together with our brochure.

3) Select your clothing (see fabric instructions below) and post them to us.

4) Work cannot start until we receive your clothes or any Ink-less Imprint Kits Back.  Once we receive your clothing/fabric items and any Ink-less Imprint Kits, please then allow approximately 6-8 weeks for us to make your Fabric Keepsake before we dispatch it.  

All of our Keepsakes are handmade and take time.  We take pride in every keepsake we make.

Please note that our time frame may change and you will be notified as soon as possible.    

If you do require your Fabric Keepsake urgently, please message us before ordering to see if we can fit you in any sooner, as we can sometimes complete your Fabric Keepsake within 4 weeks.

♥ Amount of clothing required

Please bear this in mind when ordering:

All Fabric Keepsake Animals:

A Minimum of 20 items of Baby Clothing (more if they are under 6-9 months).

A Minimum of 15 items of Toddlers/Older Children's Clothing.

A Minimum of 10 items of Adult Clothing.

Some Fabric Keepsake may only require One Shirt, but we will confirm this with you before you place your order.

Fabric Keepsake Quilts:

A minimum of 20 items are required for your Small Fabric Keepsake Quilt

A minimum of 25 items are required for your Medium Fabric Keepsake Quilt

A minimum of 45 items are required for your Large Fabric Keepsake Quilt

Of course you can send us whatever amounts you desire and we will ensure that we include these fabrics in your chosen Keepsake.

We will incorporate as much of the clothing as we can. 

If there is a piece of clothing that could not be used, we will return it with your Fabric Keepsake.

We do not return remnants of garments unless you specifically request it and if so, this will occur an additional fee to cover the extra weight in postage.

If there are items that are really important to you, we suggest you attach a note to them with a safety pin, so that we know to put them to the top of the pile.

Some customers divide the clothes into ‘Must Use’ and ‘Everything Else’. 

It's really is up to you to give us as much or as little guidance as you wish.

♥ Types of fabrics

Most fabrics can be used & cotton fabrics work best.

No PVC, leather, thick woven or knitted materials. 

A few stains are fine, as we can cut around them or cut out the motifs & re-apply them elsewhere on the Fabric Keepsake.

♥ Can I wash my Fabric Keepsake

Our Fabric Keepsakes Quilts, Pillow and Cushions are machine washable on a cool delicate cycle, including the keepsakes with additional extras such as Fabric Photographs.  Air Dry only.

The only exception to washing these keepsakes would be if the clothes were originally not machine washable. 

Please re-shape them when they are damp.

All of our remaining Fabric Keepsakes such as Bears, Bunnies and other animals are wipe clean only due to the nature of them being Adult Collectables and not a toy.  Please read the important Safety Notice below and most importantly our Terms & Conditions before placing your order!

Our Keepsakes are handmade, so please be aware that there might be a few slight imperfections, lumps & bumps, but we feel that this is what makes each of our Fabric Keepsakes individual & unique.


Your Keepsake can only look as good as the materials included.

Gorgeous clothes make gorgeous Fabric Keepsakes!

If there is not quite enough clothing for the size of the item you have ordered, then we will add some plain fabric in a co-ordinating colour at no additional cost.

How long will it take to get my Fabric Keepsake

Our current turn-around time is 6-8 weeks from receiving your freshly laundered clothing to us posting your Fabric Keepsake. 

We will advise you with the details of an approximate completion time, once your order has been received,

Our 6-8 week time scale may vary during busy times, so please check before ordering if this is important to you.

At times we maybe able to accommodate an urgent order for a certain deadline, so please ask if this is the case.

If you are planning to order for Christmas, then it is advisable to book your slot as early as possible, as we are normally booked up by the beginning of September.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to purchase a Gift Voucher as a perfect gift for a Baby Shower, then please contact us.

Important Safety Notice

Our Fabric Keepsake Bears, Bunnies, Dolls and any other Animal/Doll type keepsakes are not CE Marked, and cannot be CE Marked due to them being made from recycled used Fabrics/Clothes and any other Materials the customer has provided. 

All of our Fabric Keepsake Bears, Bunnies, Dolls and any other other Animal/Doll type keepsakes are sold as an Adult Collectable Only and are NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 14!  These type of Fabric Keepsakes are NOT a Toy and have therefore been priced to reflect this!

Please do not allow any of these Fabric Keepsakes to be used by any Children under the Age of 14, no matter how appealing the Fabric Keepsake my seem to children under the age of 14.

Keep all Fabric Keepsakes away, out of reach & out of sight, away from any children under the age of 14 & keep any tags/labels for future reference & dispose of any unwanted wrappers/packaging safely. 

Please ensure that you read our full Terms & Conditions before you placing an order, as doing so you fully accept all responsibility & full liability of any of our Fabric Keepsakes, as soon as you have place an order and purchased it from us.



♥ Taking your prints

Our Silver Print Keepsakes are professionally handcrafted from 99.9% Fine Silver & each one is completely one of a kind.

Every item is completely handcrafted from scratch and we will keep you updated every step of way.

Whether it's your child or loved ones hand or footprint, your child's first drawing or writing of their name, a loved ones handwriting or signature or a loved ones kiss, there is no better way to capture something so precious and imprint it to become immortalised forever and carry it with you wherever you go.

Our Silver Keepsakes are perfect Tokens of Love for any occasion.

We create designs suitable for men & women.

Why not celebrate a special occasion, even celebrate the love of your much loved pet and capture their nose or paw print.

When you purchase your Ink-less Imprint kit or Putty Fingerprint Kit, you will receive full instructions within our brochure, so that you may take your prints in the comfort of your own home with ease and return them back to us in the prepaid self addressed envelope.  We offer all of our customers a tailored experience and will guide you every step of the way.

Taking Ink-less Imprints are safe to use on newborn babies.  They are mess free, ink free, quick & easy to use.  

Taking your prints should only take a few minutes. 

There are no age restrictions on our Ink-less Imprint Kits and are perfect for newborns.

The Putty Fingerprint Kits are recommended for children over the age of 18 months only, as their fingerprints may not be so visible before then and you will not be able to capture the details of their unique fingerprint.

Additional Ink-less Imprint Kits & Putty Fingerprint Kits are available to purchase in our 

Silver Keepsake Shop.  Our Kits are also a great and thoughtful gift for someone who wishes to place an order at a later date.

If you already have a set of prints, you can photocopy these prints, which can posted or emailed to us.

Imagine perfect replicas of your little one's work of art showcased on a beautiful fine Silver Keepsake or with their first handwriting and little messages for the ones they love.

Celebrate the first time they write their name by capturing their careful letters with their little quirky mistakes.

You can send your child's drawing or their writing by post or email. 

Line drawings work best for these pieces & we can advise you of the best shaped Silver Keepsake for your particular picture.

Send a loved one a kiss that will last forever, with your kiss sealed in a fine Silver Keepsake for your loved one to carry close to their heart.  Perfect for loved ones away from home & for those serving in the British Army & Royal Force or even sending Mummy or Daddy a message saying they love you. 

Why not send your sweetheart a little message, or even pop the question... the choice is yours.

Most of our Silver Keepsakes can include a name written in your own handwriting and there is a space on your Order Confirmation Form that will be sent to you within our brochure for you to write out the name as you would like it to appear on the Silver Keepsake or you can photocopy greeting cards that says "Love Mum" for example.

We also offer scribes that can just hold a loved ones name, date of birth, or personal message.

Capture a moment in time & make yourself a unique gift by capturing every crease & wrinkle of your baby or child's tiny hands & feet.

Our Ink-less Imprint kit enables you to take a gorgeous impression of your child's hand or footprint on a specially coated paper - It's completely clean & mess free. These prints can then be framed by you & displayed as a beautiful reminder of those tiny toes & fingers. 

Each Ink-less Imprint kit contains enough specially coated paper to take 1 x hand print & 1 x footprint or a pair of hands or feet.

Each Fingerprint Putty Kit contains enough putty to take two fingerprints or one cat or dog nose print.

We keep all prints for a minimum of 6 months & we can re-use them for further orders within that time.

On average, it takes between 6-8 weeks to make your Silver Keepsake after receiving your prints, so if you are ordering for a special occasion, please try to order well in advance.  If you are working to a shorter time scale, please contact us before ordering, so that we may try to accommodate you.

Remember that we do provide Gift Vouchers. 

The advantage of this is that the recipient can decide exactly how they would like their jewellery to look.


Our handcrafted Silver Keepsakes are 99.9% Fine Silver. All other findings & chains are Sterling Silver.  Fine Silver is purer then Sterling Silver.

All silver does tarnish naturally. 

Silver Polish can be purchased from our Silver Keepsake Shop to help keep your Silver Keepsake all sparkly.

♥ Made for Angels

Please accept my sincere condolences if you are looking at our Made For Angels Silver Keepsakes following the loss of a loved one. Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, whether it be a pregnancy loss, a stillborn or infant loss or even the passing of an elderly relative. 

We can help to create a unique memorial piece that can be carried close to your heart.

Any of our Silver Keepsakes or simple names & date scribe Silver Keepsakes are the best option for the remembrance of Angels.

If prints have not already been taken, we can send out our Ink-less Imprint Kit to you the very next working day, as we aim to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible. We understand that this time is a very emotional time and you can capture those much cherished prints and then decide what you would like to order at a later date.

If you are a parent who has lost a baby or child, you may have prints which were taken by the Hospital or Midwife. We understand that the original prints are so precious, so we just need a photocopy of the prints to work from, ensuring the originals never have to leave your possession.  If you have had a pregnancy loss and have a Scan Photo, then you can also just send us a photocopy of your Scan photo.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to ensure your precious memories are immortalised in the most perfect way.

Any questions, just message us!

We provide full details in our Brochure of how to take your prints in the comfort of your home for you chosen Silver Jewellery Keepsake and Personalised Gifts.  We offer many styles including Charm Bracelets and more.